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Federal Way Bridal Boutique Offering High Quality, Pre-Owned Wedding Gowns

Pre-Owned Dresses: Used Wedding Gowns Federal Way | Adore Bridal Boutique - pre-loved-dress-coupleA high fashion dress doesn’t need to have a high fashion price tag!

Most of us girls have pictured our perfect wedding dress since we were little. While styles have changed, the premise of that one perfect dress for each bride has remained constant throughout the years. A bride’s perfect gown usually checks all of the boxes except for one: the price. TV shows like “Say Yes to the Dress” are great reminders of all of the money brides are willing to shell out on gowns, but not everyone has $3,000 (let alone $15,000!) laying around for a dress. At Adore Bridal Boutique, we have an expansive selection of pre-loved wedding gowns that any bride can afford! 

All of our pre-loved gowns are clean and in great condition so you can purchase them right off-the-rack, with no additional dry cleaning needed!

When you hear pre-owned, you may think to yourself “someone already wore this? Isn’t it stained or ripped or something?” This couldn’t be further from the truth about our dresses! We go through a strict quality check when we consign a pre-loved gown, checking for any rips, torn seams, discoloration due to not being preserved properly and stains. We choose only the most fashionable styles, which means no dated gowns from decades ago. All of our gowns are dry cleaned prior to being put on the rack, are never more than five years old, are authentic designer dresses and were over $700 retail value when originally purchased. 

In addition to the great savings and high quality that come with our pre-loved gowns, reusing a dress is an eco-conscious choice.

After her wedding, a bride’s gown typically sits in her closet for the rest of her life, only occasionally being brought out for nostalgic purposes. Recycling a dress by buying a pre-loved gown is great for the environment and really gets the optimal amount of use out of a dress! It is the most economical wedding dress option available to brides, and Adore Bridal Boutique’s friendly and helpful staff can pair you with a gorgeous pre-owned gown! Many of our brides cannot even tell that a gown was pre-loved when they come in for their first appointment and are pleasantly surprised when they see the price tag!

To find your perfect wedding dress, contact the staff of bridal experts at Adore Bridal Boutique today and schedule your private consultation! 
Experts at Helping Our Brides Say "Yes" to Their Dress!
  • I just went to Adore yesterday to find my dream dress. And, I did! It also had never been worn. The boutique is very cozy and warm. I was given the most attentiveness a bride could ask for. I felt understood, as well as cared for while looking at and, trying on different dresses. There was absolutely NO PRESSURE to buy anything. My entourage of 5 including myself had the entire boutique to ourselves! ...Hinney was like a fairy Godmother. I honestly woke up this morning, smiling at the thought of my dress. - Adrienne T*
    I wanted to buy from a small boutique so I did some research and read really great things about Adore. I think the whole wedding dress consignment is a fantastic idea and so I made it my first stop on my hunt for my dress. I had no idea my appointment meant we had the whole store to ourselves with Henny! She was super sweet, funny, and helpful. My mom, god mom, and I had a lot of fun picking out different styles....The best part of all is that I found my perfect dress!!! I highly recommend coming here....Thanks Henny! - Dawn S*
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